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Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

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Creative Wedding photographer in Kolkata

I have been documenting the wedding and working as a wedding photographer in Kolkata, India days since 2006. I have been named a top 5 wedding photographer in Kolkata, India. I love Candid Photography. I’m involved in a number of wedding photography projects close to my heart. The wedding that introduce me to different people, the wedding took me to new places and all those weddings have helped shape the person and the Indian wedding photographer, what I am today.

My goal is the same: – to capture your day purely, joyfully, and honestly.

What My Clients Say…

If you have come here searching for photographers who can help you express your love and show the world your fairytale love story, you’re in the right place!

Choosing a wedding photographer in Kolkata, India is an important decision.

Choosing a photographer while planning your big day is probably the most difficult and most important decision. We have a lot of satisfaction in providing the best wedding photography in Kolkata. We believe that it is not just one day, but the journey itself will be that special and unforgettable

Like to offer both photography and video services to both our customers. We tap into our client’s personalities before the wedding and then illustrate the most obvious way through the photography styles of their personalities that we use. We follow an art attention story following a photography that we take to reproduce all the pictures in an artistic form. Our photography style couples promote things around them naturally open. This lets us capture the true, reality, heart and spirit of your big day. You and your spouse are different from any other couple and so will be one of a kind of photography.

We have the best team of wedding photographers in Kolkata, who are as thrilled as you are for your wedding. We captured the marked moments of your life with all the fine details and in a very artistic manner to be treasured forever. We are the leaders in candid wedding photography Kolkata. We follow very innovative and natural style. That helps keep the momentum as possible and realistic as possible. While operating in the most modest manner, we are renowned for our soothing rendition and striking photo album designs. We are professionally engaged in expanding a level, professionalism and quality will definitely exceed your expectations.

All our captured shots are replete with a sensitive and tender emotion that you will treasure forever. It is indubitably the best photography in Kolkata that is simplistic, organic, natural, observant and most of all, really.

Love to walk the entire journey with you, right from our first meeting to the wedding day that helps us to develop a healthy bond. This way you will feel extremely easy and comfortable in front of us and the camera. Now that being said, we tend to step back and allow the protagonist couple to interact with each other in order to record the real raw emotion they have when they think no one is watching. This is when we capture the “oh! So perfect” shot. The marriage photography Kolkata is shot in a photojournalism style that combines highly stylized imagery and a lot of fun to create your unique story.

Why do you pick me up?

Our grail is to tell your tell love story in the most quirky manner, capturing each of your personality and whimsical uniqueness. In addition to developing a poetic, much inspired and absolutely dreamy imagery of your wedding day, we pledge to go an extra mile for all our clients in these few ways:

We are diligently invested in your big day. From capturing your grandmother’s gorgeous sari. Vintage earrings to examining the dynamics of your family and thus helping you achieve the optimal timeline of the day, every couple is given progressive consultations to ensure the best coverage of their wedding.

We never batch process your final event images. That is why we are known for offering the best candid wedding photography in Kolkata. Every picture enjoys special attention. We make sure that the bride has glowing skin in all portraits and the groom looks his best too.

Apart from using superior camera and lenses. We come with the best and most reliable backups and lighting solutions for all kind of situations.

We seek to create a strong bond with not only the lead couple but also with their friends and family. This helps us to ensure consistent and lasting services all throughout.

We know how much energy goes into selecting the right kind of decor, jewelry, attires and all other essential elements of the wedding. We pay added attention to all these inconspicuous yet important details of the day.

We shoot your momentous moments. We are offering friendly, professional and outstanding services at pocket-friendly prices. We have a plethora of wedding photography packages to match your specific set of needs. That will operate one-on-one with you, following up on your wedding day.


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