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If you are planning a destination wedding. Our skilled destination wedding photographers and expert film makers are more than willing to travel to the ends of the earth with you. To proffer the best services in the most creative manner. So if you are not sure how to go about the entire process of travel photography. Don’t worry we are there to help you out. Being one of the best photographer Kolkata our style of photography is a perfect blend of photojournalism and glamor photography.  We simply love to combine candid shots with beautifully posed ones. We capture everything that happens at the wedding. May it be the bride’s makeup, pranks, family drama, or public display of love. Our team of professional wedding photographers in Kolkata captures every single shot in a genuine and creative manner. Thus seeking to bring the real emotions in every picture. We take the time to grasp our client’s precise needs in terms of the style of photography needed. We help you develop engaging video wedding invites. For the couples who are going to get married. All these digital invitations are fully customized keeping in mind your specific wedding dates and other needs. We create striking photo album designs that combine classy imagery with stunning layouts. Most of all state of art printing techniques to help you have a really good wedding album.


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I love capturing every precious moment at a wedding or special event. I moved to India Kolkata Area, 20 years ago from NYC, drawn by the beauty of the area and the Bay Area life style. I care about every wedding and event as if they were my own. I tirelessly work to ensure that every single moment is captured with authentic emotion, connection and the joy expressed on each person's face and in the moments shared between each of them. Working primarily with a photojournalistic style, the people are what matter most to me. That said, I do take some time to photograph to artfully document the event decor and setting and believe it is important to take some formal portraits of key family members. I complete those select formal portraits quickly and efficiently allow you to return to your guests and the celebration.


Sudipto Kar has an amazing eye for spontaneous pictures. He manages to pick the gorgeous, the elegant, and the charming instants from the infinite possibilities. Beautiful, and sometimes unbelievable views of our wedding emerged from perfectly ordinary moments – making them incredible. Sudipto-da and his team were always there at the right place at the right time to take fascinating photos and videos; even in the chaos of a wedding! Everything from shooting to composing the albums was done with …


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