While your wedding day is in itself one of the most special days in your life, it is always a good idea to get a professional photographer to capture all the moments on a camera. Among all the photos, however, should be four moments that just have to be there in the album. These photos are going to define the day like no other. Read on to know what the moments to capture are.

Get on Camera these Moments of Your Wedding Day

• The Process of Becoming a Bride
The first must-have series of shots must be clicked when you are becoming ready. Wedding photography is all about knowing the right moments to capture and professional photographers know how to get the best photos. Several ephemeral emotions go on in your mind and make their way onto your face; and the best photographers do not miss the opportunity to get these shots. Whether it is your cousin helping you to put on a necklace or a beautician adding the final touches, make sure that each of these moments is put inside a camera.

• As a Bride
When the moment that you have been waiting for all your life arrives, the photographer is there to immortalise it. Once you are dressed as a bride, a professional photographer will insist that you give them the chance to capture your portrait so that you can see later on how beautiful you are looking. The ideal way to go is not to rush it. Give them the time they need and the pose they ask for to ensure that the photos come out looking as ethereal as you.

• Your Entry
Just like an angel descends down from the heavens, you will be coming out of your inner sanctum and all eyes will be on you. Every bride comes out differently and gives a different reaction to all the attention too. Whether you blush to the attention or come out with swagger, the photographer must capture these moments as well.

• The Departure
Once your wedding is done comes the emotional task of leaving your home to go to the new one. Here too, different brides handle the emotions differently. No matter how you may feel during this time, tell your photographer to document each moment so that you look at them later on.

There you have it! These four moments are when the photographer has to click your photos to ensure that the best bits of the wedding can be seen generation after generation.