Candid photography is the latest in trend. It is becoming increasingly popular both in daily, casual photography and formal occasions like wedding. And as it comes to wedding photography, hiring candid photographers is in vogue to take photos of the couple and the guests like paparazzi, all through the day. While putting together the candid shots with the formal photos taken by a formal wedding photographer, it makes a perfect blend of memorable snaps stating a complete story.

Here is a comprehensive explanation of why candid photographers are hired for taking wedding photographs.

  • They Take Camera Everywhere – Yes, this is true. They take their camera to everywhere ensuring taking spontaneous photographs. They are always ready to click the shutter so no single snappable moment escapes. They usually use DSLR camera. Besides they also carry a point and shoot camera so they can just whip out promptly to capture the opportunities that life gifts us with.
  • They Use Long Zoom – The further you’re away from the subject the less likely they will become conscious that they are being captured. With long zoom lens candid photographers can capture their subjects with a natural and relaxed mood without being close to their personal space. However, the feeling of intimacy doesn’t get affected.
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  • They Usually Don’t Use Flash – Using the flash is possibly the most obvious way to signal a person that he/she is being photographed. A sudden blinding flash of light can literally kill a photographable moment. Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata try not to use flash as much as possible especially while aiming for a candid moment. For lower light situations, they rather use a faster lens, open up the aperture. They also turn on the natural light mode, if required.
  • They shoot a lot – They shoot multiple images within a very short span of time to capture some amazingly spontaneous and surprising shots that otherwise might not be possible to take by clicking the shutter only once. Candid photographers use continuous shooting mode and shoot in just bursts of snaps and that enhances the chance of taking that perfect shot you’re looking for.
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  • They Position Themselves in a Calculative Way – Candid photography is all about capturing spontaneity of the moments and taking perfect shots at the right fraction of a second. And to ensure that, they think ahead and anticipate what is going to happen. This increases the opportunities of getting great shots.
  • They Take Shots of People with People – The most interesting thing about candid photography is it takes snaps of more than one subject at a time. This introduces and frames relationship into the shot. Even if the persons are not interacting, it adds depth and tells a story that the viewers may interpret while seeing the image.

So you can see the reasons behind hiring candid photographers in Kolkata. If the date of your wedding has been fixed, don’t delay anymore. Book a reputed wedding photographer to capture all those beautiful moments that you will cherish throughout the life.