Read this before finalizing on your Wedding Photographer !!

Choosing a Wedding Photographer is a big decision. Let’s face it, most of the things that go into making a wedding beautiful are temporary–the food gets eaten, the flowers die, the reception ends, and really, when are you ever going to wear that gorgeous dress again? The most permanent thing about your wedding day will be your Wedding Photos.

On your anniversary each year, you probably won’t put your dress back on or cook the same food you ate at your wedding, but you will look at your Wedding Album, and those images will usher you back to that special day. Great Wedding Photography doesn’t just remind you what your bridesmaids’ dresses looked like; it helps you remember how you felt on the most important day of your life. That’s why choosing the right photographer is one of the most important wedding decisions you’ll make. The below-mentioned points will help you chose the right photographer and know what exactly you should look for in him/her before finalizing the deal.
Best Wedding Photographer

  • Portfolio and Reviews – First and foremost, yes, you want to see a great portfolio of work. Because after all, it’s the work you’re going to end up with. If I don’t like a photographer’s wedding portfolio, nothing else matters. And so you want to see the photographer you have in mind consistently produces the same quality work, wedding after wedding. Be aware that some photographers will try to present only the “best of” several weddings. That’s not always a fair representation of their work. Photographing a wedding is a day-long event that requires different types of photography: still-life, portraiture, and photojournalism. When I look at a portfolio, I evaluate two things: style and technical ability. Be sure his/her style resonates with who you are and will reflect the feel of your wedding. The best way to judge that is to hire him for a smaller event say engagement or pre-wedding shoot to know exactly what you can expect from him.

Best Wedding Photographer

  • Personality – You’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day. In fact, you’ll probably be with him more than anyone else that day, so you better like him. Does he “get” you? Is he a good listener who cares about your ideas and opinions and ask questions to find out what means most to you? Is he patient and pleasant, yet able to graciously direct people when necessary?

Best Candid Wedding Photographer

  • Patience – A photographer that does what it takes to get the shot. I don’t mean in they knock people out of their way or disrupt the proceedings and get obtrusive to get their photos kind of way, but in that they don’t stop five seconds short of getting the best image, looking for the easy or most convenient way instead or hanging it up with a “that’s good enough.” That photo’s going to hang around for the next 125 years or longer. It’s worth a few additional seconds of effort to nail it the best way possible. A wedding’s a live event and nothing seems to happen on time even when it is on time. So you want someone who doesn’t have a short, immature fuse. Patience is a mature character trait. Much of which we may call “professionalism” are the very same attributes as those found in a developed, mature character.

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