If your wedding date has been finalised and you have started looking for the right professional who can capture every special moment of your d-day in the best possible frame, you will find numerous wedding photographers scattered all over Kolkata. A majority of them have years of industry presence and possess adequate photographic expertise, dedication and talent. This is why the beauty of the wedding photos captured by them last forever.

Though these professionals have a lot to offer every couple on their d-day, there are a few who don’t hire them just because of a few myths surrounding wedding photographers. Debunking those is a must so that more and more people can make the most out of their services.

4 Common Myths About Your Wedding Photographer In Kolkata Have Been Debunked

  • “They Just Capture Images And That’s Quite Easy”

We often come across the remark that the task of a wedding photographer is quite easy as all they need to do is capture photos. This is simply a myth as their complete concentration is not only in the photos but they also need to keep away all the craziness of the excited guests while capturing the best images of the couple. Even the candid images should be of high quality so that the couple can print them on large canvases if they want.

  • “They Charge A Very High Price”

Though you need to keep away a part of your wedding budget to hire a renowned photographer, it does not necessarily mean that the amount they charge is unreasonable. The responsibilities they need to undertake are a lot more than a corporate portrait photographer and so the price they charge is also a bit higher. It is not just a one-hour job but the professional has to spend almost 12 hours on their feet capturing photos. He spends the next few days on editing the photos and backing up the files.

  • “The Snapshots From Your Friends And Relatives Will Be Sufficient”

Even if one of your friends has bought an expensive camera and professional series lenses recently, don’t think that the quality of their photos will be similar to that of a professional wedding photographer. The latter use cutting-edge technology to ensure that the images they capture can make a difference in your wedding album. Your friends and guests will also not be capable of capturing different moods by suggesting unique poses.

  • “It Is Just A Side Hobby Of Your Photographer”

If you are approaching a renowned wedding photographer in Kolkata who has already carved a niche in the industry, you can stay assured that it is their full-time business and they are totally dedicated towards it. The responsibility of these professionals goes beyond the d-day as they need to complete various tasks related to the project they have undertaken. Their business is generally based on their reputation and so they need to keep their social media presence updated and also look after the accounting part.

Since the common myths about wedding photographers have been debunked, it’s time you hire one to make your d-day more memorable.