To me, good memories are created when you spend some quality time with each other, go for a trip together, engage in your favorite sport or fun activities being at your natural self and when you don’t have the pressure to look visually appealing to the camera or pretend to be cool. And this is where my concept of Pre Wedding Photoshoot begins.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Utility Aspect of Pre Wedding Photoshoot 

A married person never remains a bachelor anymore. The Pre Wedding Photography will remind you of the fond memories you have had with each other before getting hitched for life. A phase of life will end forever with the dawn of a new one and Pre Wedding Photoshoot is nothing but capturing that in the most loving way.

Memories That Will Last Forever

Never go for a Pre Wedding Shoot just because almost everyone is doing it and it has become a popular trend. Such a Pre Wedding Photoshoot is done only to let the photographer know your story. How you met for the first time, your likes and dislike, hobbies and interests, etc. This helps the photographer know you better and become more like a friend, than just a photographer. He ideally expects you to set up at least one meeting with him to know about your requirements, preferences, and your comfort levels (both with each other and also with the camera). 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Fun Aspect of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot

A Pre Wedding Photoshoot is complete fun if you can club it with an outstation trip to some interesting places. Such a place need not necessarily be a range of mountains, cascading waterfalls, or serene beaches. It can just be a village fair (Mela), flower market, amusement park, a Dhaba along the highway, and the like. After all, my job is to create magic out of the simple, ordinary, underrated pleasures of life. That is what I get paid for. Isn’t it? Therefore, most couples prefer their Pre Wedding Shoot in a location that they can relate to with past memories.

Visual and Comfort Aspects of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot

A Pre Wedding Photoshoot gives us the freedom to wear what we want and be in our most comfortable and stylish outfit. Here, you do not need to wear heavy make-ups or styling done. This makes you look your usual self without much pomp and show. Similarly, wedding is not the time when you can get so cozy with each other, especially before so many elderly figures, relatives, and friends. Pre Wedding Photoshoot is the time when we can have more physical proximity and strike more natural, unrestrained, and fun-filled acts and gestures.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot .

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