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I want to say A big thank you to all of our clients who have taken the time to send their thoughts and reactions to the experience with me….
The ONLY reason people hold onto memories is because memories are the only things that don’t change; when everyone else does. etc

                                                                           Sudipto Kar…..

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Sangita Roy


Mr. Sudipto Kar is the far best wedding photographer! He did an absolutely amazing job for my sister’s wedding in July 2015. I was very impressed with his quality of work and team effort. We all had a wonderful time taking such lovely pictures with his crew. Sudipto da has a special vision and makes sure that the wedding is definitely memorable. My sister looked absolutely gorgeous in all her wedding pictures, and special thanks goes to Sudipto da and his team.

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Antara Chatterjee


Innovation by Sudipto Kar stands true to its name. Thanks to internet and networking, we could link with Sudipto. A tour of his innovative website helped us choose him as our wedding photographer. He is one such photographer who captures the perfect moment without enforcing artificial posture during the event (which is very rare in wedding photography). Patience and admiration are the key qualities which I could notice in his eyes during the photo-shoot. I am grateful to Sudipto & his team for capturing the most precious moment of our lives through his lenses. Whenever we go through our wedding album our hearts are filled with immense pleasure to relive those beautiful moments. I would highly recommend Sudipto and Innovation as the perfect team one can choose for their special moments to be captured.

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Debajyoti Bhattacharya


A picture is worth a thousand words but I think wedding photos are more than that; it consists of LOVE, PROMISE, MEMORY, PASSION, and JOY. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time. Sudiptos’ reputation for taking intimate, passionate and signature images is what he is highly recommended for. With the use of great lighting techniques and imaginative angles, Sudipto creates magnificent images that reflect beauty and fun. Thank You Sudipto….We love you.

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Anwesha Sarkar


A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”- Eudora Welty. Sudipto Kar is an artist who painted our priceless moments of togetherness, smiles, emotions, hugs and passion in his signature candid style with cinematic creativity. Each photo tells an unexpressed story. He gifted us a unique memento encapsulating our most cherished real moments of the wedding day in a 3-minute video reel. Thank you SudiptoDa for
capturing our D-day with your magical lens. I recommend photography by Sudipto Kar to everyone who would like to bring their wedding nostalgia alive; even after many many years…

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Souvik Das


It all seemed like a dream in reality! Sudipto Kar has recreated us at our Wedding. We are grateful to Sudipto da for making us look so natural and ‘so much like us’…. His creativity and dedication towards his work showed in each and every pic…. The moments that he had captured in every photo will remind us of our best days in the years ahead… Special Moments are like flashes…. should be enjoyed to the fullest…. The albums are just not books of photos but are moments which one relive again and again…. We are really grateful to Sudipto da for making our Wedding and Reception day look so gorgeous and Dream-like. The moments are captured at their best time. We go back to those beautiful days days simply by opening the albums and the pics look so very real
and natural. Look forward to make such more albums…… Hope he continues his excellent work..

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Dr.Rik Sarkar


Sudipto Kar has an amazing eye for spontaneous pictures. He manages to pick the gorgeous, the elegant, and the charming instants from the infinite possibilities. Beautiful, and sometimes unbelievable views of our wedding emerged from perfectly ordinary moments – making them incredible. Sudipto-da and his team were always there at the right place at the right time to take fascinating photos and videos; even in the chaos of a wedding! Everything from shooting to composing the albums were done with extreme care, so that we can see the exquisite images we had missed in the rush of the day. Thank you Sudipto-da for all your effort to make our memories special.

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Pooja Kundu


The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” ? Elliott Erwitt Wedding photos are very special for every individual and Sudipto da made it more special for us by capturing the priceless moments of our life. The way he has captured the emotions, love, smile, passion with his golden hands is highly appreciating. Each photo has something to say, something to express…. Thanks Sudipto Da for capturing the moments so nicely. Cheers….!

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Tanushree Roy


I know Sudipto Kar from July 2011 when I was looking for a wedding photographer online. His work is really brilliant and his technique of capturing the moments without making someone conscious about it commendable. I simply loved his work and would cherish the moments he captured in my wedding in the years coming by as they were spontaneous and very natural. I am so satisfied that I am still looking for occasions at my home to avail his services again.

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Natasha Sikdar


Wedding is a special occasion for every individual and I was no exception. I wanted it to be perfect, and thanks to Sudipto da, he made it a memorable event for me, something I will cherish throughout my life! Time will pass away and life will move on…. but the images will always remind ‘us’ of our very special day- our wedding day…. The images that he took aren’t just images, they are moments, frozen moments which
will keep the memories fresh as ever!!!! Thank you Sudipto da,
thanks a tonne!!!! 🙂

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Sayantani Dasgupta


I came across Sudipto Kar during the marriage ceremony of my
sister in December 2012. The photos are extraordinary and reflects his passion. I also liked the video clip which he created on the marriage and the essence was captured within 3 minutes! The photos reflect the emotions and the joyous moments. I will recommend Sudipto to anyone who wants to capture those precious moments of life!

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Moytrayee Bhattacharya


I know Sudipto Kar from 2011 April. He was covering my friend’s wedding. I came to know from that friend that Sudipto is a brilliant photographer with excellent editing skills. At that time I didn’t know anything about camera, photography, editing and etc. I viewed my friend’s wedding album and realized how a wedding can also be captured in such an excellent manner. Without a second thought I decided to capture my wedding moments with Sudipto’s magical hands. A year round in my wedding as pre-decided Sudipto captured my wedding moments with Pratyush….amazingly beautiful were the
photographs…and I am really delighted with Sudipto’s work…thanks Sudipto for the wonderful job…cheers…:)

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