Wedding Photographer in India

Wedding Photographer in India

Sudipto Kar is the one of the best wedding photographer India, Kolkata. He is specialized in candid photography, portrait photography.

One of the best wedding photographer India, Kolkata.

You are here because some search result shown me or a friend recommended me. If you looking for a wedding photographer in India, I am one of them, I would like to work with you,before that you know me better.


Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

1. What’s your shooting style?


It is so important that you work with your photographer,Ask what their style is, how they handle tough situations, and how they get to know you so they can tell your story in a way that really expresses you as a couple.

The right photographer will be able to understand you as a person, so that he or she can tell your love story.There will be moments for photojournalism, moments for candid photography, and moments for traditional poses.

Instead, ask if your photographer’s style is more ‘natural’ or ‘dramatic’ or ‘styled.'”


2. What technology will you use to shoot my wedding?


Like What type of equipment do you use? What type of lens do you use? How do you handle shooting with low lighting?

You or your photographer may have a preference on either one, but both are amazing ways to capture weddings.


When looking at each potential photographer’s portfolio, you may have key words in mind like ‘traditional,’ ‘candid’ or ‘photo journalistic etc.

Your wedding photographer should be able to handle all these styles within the wedding day.

Low light is tricky,Your photographer should know their ‘Low Light’ process very well and should be able to describe how they accomplish their signature night look.

Do you offer printing?

Can I create my own wedding album?

Can I post on social media? If yes, do I need to tag my photographer when posting on social media?

How might my photographs be used by you in the future?



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