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Sudipto Kar Imagery is your one-stop destination for creative wedding photography and cinematography. Ever since our establishment in 2006, we have been capturing our customers’ precious moments in beautiful frames. We are one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata who creates stories from fun, love, romance and off-beat moments during your wedding.


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Why Select Sudipto Kar Imagery?

Are you all prepared and nervous for your D-Day? Weddings are undoubtedly the most memorable in an individual’s life. Hence missing out on a single moment can make you regret when you hover over the pages of the wedding album. Our team of skilled photographers in Kolkata specialises in capturing the candids and blissful moments with ease.

No pose, no fake smiles – we focus on capturing the emotions and the countless expressions of the bride, groom and the happy family members. So, with us, you can peacefully enjoy your wedding without having a photographer following you all throughout the rituals.

We, at Sudipto Kar Imagery, know the value of the day and you can see the positive and wonderful outcome in your wedding album. With a series of passionate moments, romantic expressions, joyful glee and tender embraces, we make your wedding story memorable and carved into the heart forever.



We, at Sudipto Kar Imagery, believe that weddings are a significant aspect of what life is all about. Counted as a leading wedding photographer, we understand what makes a wedding a special occasion. Be it a traditional wedding or a destination wedding, we have the expertise to capture every passionate moment. We are a team of experts you can count on for telling your wedding story through a splendid collection of images.

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Why Approach Sudipto Kar Imagery For Wedding Photography?

A wedding is an important event. The last thing that you would want is your wedding to go berserk due to wrong selections you’ve made. When it comes to selecting a wedding photographer in Kolkata, you can enviably choose Sudipto Kar Imagery. Our strong commitment, consistent quality delivery and excellent teamwork, makes us a desirable option to the customers.

You can count on us without any stress. Are you an introvert? Do you hate clicking pictures? This can seem to be a difficult aspect on your wedding day. Fret not. That’s where Sudipto Kar Imagery can help. Our trained team of friendly wedding photographers in Kolkata can represent your story in an amazingly beautiful way. We focus on taking candids. So even if you’re an introvert person, we don’t need you to pose for your pictures. Just be yourself, enjoy your day and let us capture the natural moments seamlessly.

Unlike other wedding photographers, with us, you’ll get customised shots and personalised photos. Confused? Well, we believe that an individual must take photos suited to their personalities. Hence, no fake shots! Thus, to maintain an undisputed reputation as a  leading candid wedding phs in the most realistic mannotographer, we rely on a natural and innovative style and represent the image.


Why Choose Sudipto kar Imagery as a Wedding Photographer in Kolkata ?

About Sudipto Kar

Since 2006, I have been researching and learning new techniques of photography to create enticing and engaging wedding photographs. Capturing the sudden expressions and making every moment of your wedding lively has always been my focus of concern. Photography is my passion and to pursue the same I have always been trying on new techniques and continuously developing my skill sets.

Hiring the creative bunch of wedding photographers in Kolkata from us, can surely help you get the most memorable pictures for your wedding day. Here’s why you should hire us.

  • We have a qualified, dedicated and experienced team of photographers in Kolkata.
  • We have an undisputed reputation of providing best-in class wedding photography services.
  • We assure 100% customer satisfaction with naturally styled photographs for the wedding.
  • We provide top-quality photography services with complete reliability and affordability to suit the needs of every customer.
  • Our team of wedding photographers strive to provide customised photos based on your style, nature, personality and location.
  • We have separate specialists for candid, pre-wedding, portraits photography and cinematic video designs.

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Why Are We Different from Others?

Selecting a good wedding photographer in Kolkata has been a real challenge nowadays. With too many professional options moving around the city, the choice seems difficult. You might be wondering what sets us apart? Here’s what makes us unique.

  • Our team connects with every couple and their family at a personal level.
  • We try to discuss the photography style depending on the location and nature of the couple.
  • We create a relaxing and easy to approach situation for you to get comfortable while we click the pictures.
  • We maintain professionalism in timely delivering the albums and videos.
  • We prefer making cinematic videos for your weddings.

Candid Wedding Photography – Less Pose, More Natural

Our enviable reputation of capturing beautiful candid moments from weddings makes us the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. We captivate the plethora of beautiful emotions which make a wedding an event to look forward to. Our dedicated team of experts captivates every emotional moment to visual sensory delight. We go the extra mile to provide you with timeless photos and videos of your special day. What makes us the first choice for most couples is that we deliver what we claim.

It All Starts With Sudipto Kar Imagery

Nowadays you’ll find ample photographers in Kolkata claiming to be an expert in the field. Hence, selecting the best one can be difficult. With Sudipto Kar Imagery, you’ll find a completely new set of pictures with new styles for every couple. Our cinematic videos will take you to a surreal world. Together, our film and photographs create a visual masterpiece that tells your wedding story in one frame. Our skilled cinematographers and filmmakers strive to show your unison in the most beautiful and artistic way.

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What Clients say about my work

Thanks to the internet and networking, we could link with Sudipto. A tour of his innovative website helped us choose the Best Wedding Photographers. He is one such photographer who captures the perfect moment without enforcing artificial posture….
Antara Chatterjee


Sudipto da has a special vision and makes sure that the wedding is definitely memorable. My sister looked absolutely gorgeous in all her wedding pictures.“ I was very impressed with his quality of work and team effort. We all had a wonderful time taking such lovely pictures.
Sangita Roy


The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words. The way he has captured the emotions, love, smile, passion with his golden hands is highly appreciating. Each photo has something to say, something to express. ….
Pooja Kundu


Sudipto Kar has an amazing eye for details. He manages to pick the gorgeous, elegant, and charming, very beautiful, wedding emerged from perfectly ordinary moments – making them incredible. He is one of the Best Wedding Photographers.
Dr.Rik Sarkar


Sudipto Kar Imagery – Where Your Love Story Unfolds

Based in Kolkata, we are a passionate team of bengali wedding photographers and cinematographers who capture all aspects of a wedding. Be it the prenuptial rituals, pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding photography, bridal portraits, or cinematic films, we can do it all. We ensure that our team covers different areas of your wedding so that nothing important is given a miss. Our diligent team will be there with you in every step to capture all your precious moments.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure to reflect your feelings, personal style, and needs on every photograph. The glamorous yet natural characteristics of the images we click have helped us carve a niche for ourselves in the industry. Our distinctive photography style has something to offer to every couple. Be it your preference for sophisticated style, fresh and fun, or graceful and contemporary, we can do it. With our diligent team by your side, be assured of photographs and wedding films you will love.


We are amongst the pioneers of candid wedding photography in India. Our photographers have an eye for detail and capture every moment with high precision. When you shoot, the person getting clicked doesn’t realize that they’re on our camera and so their real emotions are caught. Whether it’s the bride or groom getting ready or the romantic glances exchanged between the couple, we capture everything..


Sudipto Kar Imagery takes immense pride in providing the remarkable wedding photography services. We are the team of the professional best candid and pre wedding photographers. Our wealth of experience in shooting weddings means that we have the expertise to do an exemplary job. We aim to capture the blissful moments of your wedding so that you can cherish them years later.


A Wedding Cinematography is a narrating film. Regardless of whether the storyteller recounts your story through pictures or the blend of talks, pictures, and music. The film is shot in all respects contrastingly where the Cinematographer will more than likely shoot in short clasps. This is on the grounds that they are shooting to recount a story, not simply archive each and every moment of your big day.

Candid Photography

We are amongst the pioneers of candid wedding photography in India. Our photographers have an eye for detail and capture every moment with high precision. Whether it’s the bride or groom getting ready or the romantic glances exchanged between the couple, we capture everything. Counted among the top Canvera photographers in Kolkata, we are specialists we can trust for your dream wedding.

Wedding Photography

Sudipto Kar Imagery takes immense pride in providing the best wedding photography services in Kolkata. We are sincere and professional about everything we do for our valuable customers. Our wealth of experience in shooting weddings means that we have the expertise to do an exemplary job. We aim to capture the blissful moments of your wedding so that you can cherish them years later.

Fashion Photography

The world is a canvas, the photographer is the painter, and the camera is his paintbrush. And, when these three are put together, a picturesque visual story is born. Photographers shoot amazing moments and have the skill to convert anything to utter excellence. By using our vast knowledge, we can provide unrivaled and professional fashion photography.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Kolkata, India is an Important Decision.

We use excellent photo album designs that will truly reflect our sense of professionalism. We are continuously increasing the quality of our photos and videos that will definitely exceed your expectations. The natural and simple photos of the treasured moments will make your journey memorable.

For the final images we never resort to batch processing, rather we edit each picture individually to retain the bridal glow. We use superior and best-quality lenses and cameras for all our work. We also keep reliable backups and focus on using the best lighting solutions for every wedding photography. Not only do we capture the bond you share with your better half but also with your friends and family. We are completely dedicated to providing lasting and consistent services throughout the day. We are aware of the fact that selecting the best decor, attire, jewellery and other vital elements of your d-day is a bit time-consuming and costly and so we try to capture those essentials in our images in the best possible frame.

We specialise in capturing the minute details of your wedding. Whether it’s the gorgeous attire or your antique set of earrings, our photographers don’t miss a single part. We assess the dynamics within the family and frame the pictures accordingly to bring out the best moments of every relationship. We offer a wide range of packages subjected to changes as per the clients requirements. To get the best moments captured and framed forever, keep Sudipto Kar Imagery by your side.

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Experienced Photographers to Make your Day Special and Memorable

With our photographers at work, you can expect to get a picture of every decor, attire and special equipment pieces during your wedding. For traditional as well as conventional brides we have the perfect set of photos and styles. Through a range of emotional photos, we make a chain of memories that you will cherish forever.              

Providing the best and most reliable customer service is our top priority. So, we offer a wide range of wedding photography packages to suit your specific needs. In fact, the striking design of photo albums perfectly reflects our professionalism. Our experts never batch-process your final event photos, ensuring you get the best wedding photography in Kolkata. What’s more, we are widely preferred by modern couples owing to our advanced cameras, lenses, and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Types Of Services Do Professional Wedding Photographers Offer?

Broadly, skilled photographers offer two main varieties of photography – candid wedding photography and traditional wedding photography. Videography comes inclusive within this list for both the kinds of photography services.

Varieties of services you can expect from professional photographers are candid wedding photography, traditional wedding photography, portrait photography, couple photography and wedding cinematography.

2. How Many Days In Advance Should I Book A Professional Photographer?

Booking your wedding photographer a few months before your big day is always best. This will help you avoid last-minute cancellations and delays. So, the moment your marriage date is fixed, ensure you get in touch with us to check our availability.

3. How Much Money Should I Pay In Advance At The Time Of Booking?

To ensure your booking is confirmed, paying an advance amount is a must. However, the exact amount to be paid in advance varies from one photographer to another. It even depends upon the photography style you want for your wedding. It is always recommended to discuss the advance amount with experts before hiring them.

4. What Aspects To Consider While Choosing Wedding Photography Services?

The main points which you should consider before hiring wedding photographers are online reviews and ratings, photography style, quality of work, wedding photography packages and cost of wedding session.

5. How Can Sudipto Kar Help In Eternalising The Precious Moments Of My Wedding?

Sudipto Kar Imagery is a team of professional photographers who specialise in captivating special moments in stunning frames. We will make your wedding album the living documentation of your d-day. By clicking beautiful pictures, we ensure you cherish your wedding in the years to come.

6. When Can I Get The Album Or Videos From The Photographer After The Wedding?

Depending on your needs, we will quickly give you the wedding film. We will then provide you with your albums and videos. The exact delivery date also depends on the no of locations shot along with your individual requirements and budget.

We Always Follow Covid-19 Guidelines

We adhere to strict Covid-19 guidelines and ensure the safety and health of every individual are being maintained. All members of Sudipto Kar will wear double nose covered masks while they are at your service on the wedding day. We will ensure complete sanitization of all equipment and maintain a distance of 6 meters from every guest. Our members will greet the guests with Namaste to ensure safety. We offer contactless payment options through digital payment modes.

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