3 Beautiful Reasons to Use Drones for Wedding Photography

Jan 7, 2022 | Bengali Wedding Photography, wedding photography

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Until a few years back, the mere thought of getting a wedding picture clicked using a drone was an insane thought. However, technology has paved a creative way for the same. New age candid wedding photographers in Kolkata use drones to click wedding pictures and wedding videos. Hence, apart from amazing decor and decking up the venue, choosing the right photographer has been the season’s demand. 

You might see a drone camera hovering over every big fat Indian wedding nowadays. Drones are the best to capture the couple’s most romantic and candid moments. The introduction of drone photography has made things easier as well. Previously, professional wedding photographers used cranes and jibs to get a top-down shot. This made the wedding venue messy and often caused minor accidents. 

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With drones hovering on top of your head, you’ll unknowingly end up giving some of the best shots of the day. 

If you love to flaunt the best poses for your wedding, then hire a photographer with drone wedding photography options. Here are some of the reasons that make drone photography a popular option among couples. 

Why should you consider the option of drone photography?

1. It creates a wow effect

Generally, a high definition camera is used for drone photography and hence when the moments are captured from the top, and you can take up shots that are created using different moods, tempos and fun moments. When you get the end product, you’ll notice a wow effect on the picture, which would not have been possible if you had captured the pictures from the front angels. 

2. It gives a bird’s-eye perspective

Whether a pre-wedding photoshoot or a wedding film, taking a bird eyeshot will make the same look beautiful. The photos become more intriguing, and the photographers get the right amount of light required to shoot the videos and the pictures. 

3. Helps to create cinematic videos 

Drone video shoots are common in films. If you want your wedding video to get a cinematic finish, you need to get your photographer to include drone photography. You surely must have gone wow on seeing the cinematic angles when watching a movie. Now you can see them in reality in your wedding videos. Make your dream come true with drone wedding photography. 

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