4 Things Photographers In A Bengali Wedding Look Forward To

Feb 8, 2020 | Bengali Wedding Photography, wedding photography, Wedding Story

Since the focus of every reputed wedding photographer is on creating a unique story of your wedding day, they are always looking for the best moments they can capture. No wonder, wedding photographers love Bengali weddings as there are numerous moments for them to showcase their photography skills. After all, wedding is more than just a reunion of friends and family. It offers some of the best memories couples can cherish for years to come.

Experienced wedding photographers know that each wedding has a unique story to tell. They try to create something magical by capturing the rituals, people and colours of your d-day in the right way. One of the main reasons why they love Bengali wedding photography is because they are very colourful.

4 Things That Differentiate Bengali Wedding From Other Weddings

  • Topor And Mukut

These two are traditional head accessories worn by the bride and the groom. The mukut is worn by the bride and the topor is worn by the groom. A milky white sponge, also known as sholapith, is used to make them and designs are crafted on them using wood. A unique feature of this headgear is that they are worn for good luck. Some of them are even ornamented with other accessories. Since sholpith is the primary material used to make them, they are generally a bit delicate. Both the bride and the groom have to wear it throughout the wedding ceremony.

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  • Jaanti & Gaach Kouto

Wedding photographers in Kolkata love capturing gaach kouto and Jaanti or betel nutcracker as they are both quite colourful. There are necessary in every Bengali wedding as they are holy and can ward off evil. The jaati belongs to the groom and he has to carry it throughout the day. On the other hand, the bride has to carry the gaach kouto throughout the day.

  • Shubho Drishti

This is something wedding photographers should not definitely miss if they are working for a Bengali client. Subho means holy and drishti mean glance. It is the magical moment when the groom and the bride look at each other for the first time on that day. The bride sits on a piri or small tool while her brothers carry her around the groom. Once the saat paak (seven turns) is completed, the bride removes the betel leaf from her face and takes the first glance at the groom. The entire ritual of subho dristi is quite entertaining. Not only do the guests love watching it but even the photographer gets ample opportunity to capture the moment.

  • Shree

Shree is an integral part of every Bengali wedding as it symbolises Goddess Laxmi. People believe that the goddess showers blessing on the newlywed.  It is made using turmeric, oil, flour and vermillion. Its design differs from one house to another. The one made at the bride’s home might be completely different from the one made by the groom’s relatives. The Shree is exchanged with other gifts.

Since a Bengali wedding has so much to offer, make sure you hire the right professional for your d-day.

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