4 Unique Styles For Attractive Groomsmen Gang

Apr 27, 2022 | Traditional Wedding Photography, Wedding, Wedding Cinematographer, Wedding Videographer

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You’re mistaken if you think a wedding is all about pretty girls. Well decked up groomsmen gang is a vital part of every wedding. Groomsmen are the men who are on vigilant duty throughout the wedding day to take care of all needs of the groom. They emotionally support the groom through the rituals and happy moments and stand as a strong supporting pillar against the groom as he enters the new journey of life.

How to recognise a groomsman? This is a tricky question. After all, he deserves special attention alongside the groom. If you’re a gang of friends waiting to be the best man at your wedding, plan out the attires. The well-dressed and uniformly themed groomsmen gang adds liveliness to the wedding pictures and makes heads turn.

Ditch the usual outfits and try out a few creative tips. Traditional wedding photographers in Kolkata covering weddings prefer themed attires for the groomsmen gang as this brightens up the picture and makes opportunities for some creative candids.

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How to Make your Groomsmen Gang stand out among the Wedding Crowd?


Floral Printed Attires

Floral prints are not only for women; men can also flaunt floral printed attires with equal grace and attitude if designed correctly. If the groom has opted for a dark coloured patterned wedding dress, the groomsmen gang can easily complement the same with floral prints, bold flowers and small floral patterned outfits. Keep the shades simple and concentrate more on the designs.

Solid Coloured Attires

An Indian wedding is incomplete without an array of colours. Thus, the groom’s gang can easily wear a wedding outfit of solid colours. However, make sure that if you follow this theme, you must avoid pastel or monotones. This theme will create a vibe for the groom’s gang in the wedding when they arrive.

Soulful Monotones

If the groom has opted for a simple monotone, then the groomsmen must follow the trend. You can keep the patterns and the designs simple in such a case. While the other guests will be dressed in high pitched colours, the monotones will add a soulful and peaceful look to the wedding photos.

Elegant Pastel Coloured Theme

Pastels are always a treat to the eyes. They are simple and elegant and make the person wearing the same look sophisticated and royal. You’ll find many wedding photographers in Siliguri with pastel tones and a portfolio of such wedding pictures.

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