5 Photos Every Couple Must Get Clicked For Their Wedding Album

Nov 26, 2019 | Wedding, wedding photography, Wedding Story

Does the idea of taking thousands of photos on the wedding day seem daunting to you? Well, you’re not alone. In any case, not all are accustomed to being in front of the camera for hours. So, how to guarantee shots you’ll want to put in the wedding album? Relax. Getting the major shots clicked by leading candid wedding photographers in Kolkata is all you need to do.

The food will be eaten and the decorations will come off eventually- but your wedding photos will be yours forever. Your wedding album is the best way to capture the most cherished moments of your life. Indeed, you cannot experience your wedding day again and again. However, you can certainly re-live them time and again whenever you glimpse through the memorable shots.

Here’re some essential photos you must get clicked on your wedding day.

Major Shots The Best Candid Wedding Photographers In Kolkata Focus On At Every Wedding

  1. Shots Of Minute Details

From the invitation cards and venue decorations to wedding vows, every element of a wedding is vital. This is because; every teensy little detail has a discernible charm. Skilled photographers click photos of the striking bridal wear, her ornaments, the groom’s wedding wear, accessories and garlands. They ensure that every essential element of a wedding is clicked.

  • Getting Ready

No wedding album is complete without the photos of the bride and the groom getting ready. Regardless of how poised or confident a bride is, she always gets goose bumps when getting ready. Professional photographers often capture fun snapshots of the bride along with her bridesmaids while they get her ready. Also, they click photos of the groom and his gang having fun together. So, let the best candid photographer in Kolkata capture all your moods when getting ready.

  • The Perfect Diva Pose

After getting ready and before getting into the tumultuous of the wedding ceremony and rituals, get yourself clicked. You can be a twirling bride to flaunt your bridal wear or pose for the perfect diva shot. Believe it or not, this will be the ideal wedding shot for converting into a full-size portrait. Simply let the photographers bring out the best of you with their magical lenses.

  • With The Near & Dear Ones

Another photo you should get clicked is the one where you spend time with your parents and siblings. Since these moments are very special, they will always be close to your heart. So, you should never miss out on these. All you need to do is catch up with your favourite people and smile for the camera together.

  • The Grand Entry

Your final walk as a bachelor or as a ‘Miss’ before tying the knot, is worth capturing. Your entry in the mandap accompanied by your brother, sisters and friends is quite enthralling. Whether you are a bride making entry in a doli or phoolon ki chadar, this photo is a must. Likewise, a groom’s entry to the venue has its own style.

So what are you still thinking? Quickly search “wedding photographer near me” and hire the best photographer for your big day!

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