5 Popular Wedding Photo Poses for a Sparkling Wedding Album

Apr 14, 2021 | Wedding Cinematographer, wedding photography

What’s a wedding without some romantic, cheerful and candid photographs? Years after the day is gone, wandering through the album should bring smile on your face. Hence, giving the right wedding photo pose is necessary. However, it’s painful for the newly-wed to create romantic moments amidst the overcrowded wedding halls.

Wedding photographers in Kolkata believe that the outcomes of the forced shots aren’t quite pretty! Relaxed and moving in the way you like can naturally give rise to some of the best wedding poses. Most of people become conscious with a camera around. And when it comes to wedding posses, environment and situation can even make the best model become nervous!

Want to make your day memorable? You can try out some of these popular poses.


The Sensuous Kiss

 A wedding album is incomplete without a romantic and lovable kiss on the forehead. This is a common yet popular pose suggested by all candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. Look around, find a secluded place in the hall and get this picture clicked. After all a marriage is an union between two loved souls!


Candid Smiles

Whether it’s the bride and groom close ups, or the ones with the family, pictures with candid laughter are the best ones. There’s no trick for the same. All you need to do is laugh your heart out! And leave the rest to the photographer.



Romantic Glances

Eye-to-eye contact with your partner can make a real candid wedding photo pose for your wedding album. This is a  simple yet absolutely mesmerizing pose. You can expect a lot of pictures of the subtle glance throughout your wedding day. Stop worrying and be gleeful throughout your special day. The wedding photographer will know the moments that needs to be captured!


Flaunting the Wedding Dress

The astounding dress that you’ve been wearing for your wedding also needs complete attention in the pictures. Twirling the veils or fixing the bows – both bride and groom can use this pose to click pictures. previously this pose was limited to the brides only, however wedding photographers in Kolkata have reinvented the same from the groom’s perspective as well. Natural poses like fixing the watch, looking into the mirror or buttoning the suit can make all grooms look royal in their wedding album.


Walking Down the Lane

When you’re getting married to a person, you’re promising to walk down the path of life for the rest of the years. Why not capture this serene moment for your album? Take a stroll in the open premises with your partner and make it look naturally posed picture. Wedding photographers are a fan of this pose and often like to include the same in videos as well.



To conclude, over practicing and over thinking can ruin your wow moments. Be yourself, enjoy your day and carry yourself with confidence. It’s your special day so until you live the day to the fullest, posing for pictures will not do any good. Smile, laugh and live the day. Magic will be reflected in your wedding pictures !

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