5 Questions to Ask Your Bengali Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

Nov 15, 2021 | wedding photography

It has been a while that you have been planning for your wedding. After researching thoughtfully, you have found the best Bengali Wedding Photographer in Kolkata. However, before proceeding, you must ask him the following questions. This is to ensure that you get the best services at the most affordable price rates.  

 In this blog, we have prepared a checklist of questions for you to ask your wedding photographer before the final day arrives. This way, you can be assured of their expertise. You will also get the best wedding album that will make for a lifetime of cherished memories.    

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List of Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer  

 1. How long were you in the business? 

 When you work with experienced photographers, you get the guarantee of good pictures. However, you should know how many weddings they have captured in total. Ask them about their total years of experience and knowledge.  

 Hiring a traditional wedding photographer with less experience is not a deal-breaker. It is something to consider before finalising a decision. You can look through the testimonials of their previous clients and read online reviews.  

 2. How do you describe your wedding photography style? 

 Any wedding photographer is the best in business when they have unmatched skills and quality. However, it is equally important to match the photo styles and aesthetics. You can ask to look through their work portfolio to get a better idea. Check their social media accounts and know how to describe their wedding photography style in the best manner. 

 3. What is it like working with you? 

 Your wedding photographer is a VIP guest. They are bound to stay by your side and capture all the magic. But a non-negotiable factor is – comfort. Are you comfortable around the team of professionals? Do they listen to your requirements? Can you smile and pose for the photos when clicked by them? 

 Every photographer’s team works differently. Hence, it is advisable to sit in detailed discussions with them. It will help you understand their vibe and working methodology. See if their style matches your vision and their energy matches your personality. Check which style of photography they follow the most. This way, you can keep your suggestions accordingly.    

 4. Can we request specific shots? 

 Every couple takes a lot of wedding photo ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. You take the inspiration and want to transform it into a true vision. Hence you should be able the photographers about this. Ask if they are open to delivering customised services and recreating unique images.  

 5. What is your wedding photography package? 

 Before working with the photographers, it is essential to talk about the prices. These professionals offer different packages for different services. You should acquire clarity about the quoted fees, travel costs, add-ons, overtime hours and more. This way, you can maintain transparency with them.   

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