5 Unique Posing Tips For Brides By Wedding Photographers

Aug 28, 2019 | Wedding, wedding photography

One of the main reasons why brides want to look the best on their d-day is that they want beautiful wedding portrait pictures which they can praise for years to come. The easiest way to create a memorable bridal photo shoot experience is to follow tips for brides by wedding photographers. They can share with you some of the latest posing tips so that you can document your priceless memories in the best possible limelight. They will capture every minute detail of your d-day and make them memorable. They know that the better your wedding portrait pictures are, the more beautiful your wedding album will be.

Hiring Wedding Photographers? Few Posing Tips For Brides

  • Decide Your Style

If you are worried about how you will look on your d-day, you first need to decide how you want to look. Choose whether you want to flaunt a vintage, edgy, classic, modern or traditional style. Plan your styling and discuss it with your wedding photographer. When you are aware of the wedding vibe you want to convey through your wedding photographs, it will become easier for you to decide individual poses.

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  • Do Some Rehearsal

Even if you have hired candid wedding photographers in Kolkata, rehearsing the shoot is always a wise thing to do. Use a mirror or the camera to practice the poses and scenes.  You will get an idea about the looks, smiles and posing ideas which suit you. It is not only about finding the best angles but also about the best sides and the ideal positions.

  • Shortlist Some Poses And Scenes

One of the primary benefits of shortlisting some poses and scenes for the bridal photo shoot is that you can have peace of mind while posing as you will have many poses to choose from. Utilise your time and consider the overall vision, vibe and theme of your wedding. Create a checklist with all those poses and scenes so that you don’t end up forgetting anything on your d-day.

  • Personalise It

Gone are the days when brides preferred the traditional photo shoot. Your d-day is all about you and you can give it a personal touch by personalising it. Do some online research or have a talk with your wedding photographer in Kolkata for some non-traditional bridal photo ideas. Your focus should entirely be on making the photos look unique and special. Consider the spontaneous ideas suggested by your photographer and your wedding album will be as unique as you want it to be.

  • Know The Lighting

If you want a stunning photo shoot and beautiful bridal images, the lighting is the primary thing you need to consider. Since it is always advisable to go for natural light, ask your photographer whether you can schedule outdoor shots. If this is not possible, make sure that the indoor lighting you are using is warm, filtered and soft.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and hire experienced wedding photographers if you want the best bridal portrait pictures.

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