Bengali Wedding: 7 Sacred Rituals Which Make It A Colourful Affair

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Weddings are always special and India being the land of rich cultural diversity, they just get better. Each culture has its own set of rituals and rites for marriages and other occasions. Even though weddings of every community differ from each other, the respect for traditions and spiritual significance is common.

Are you a Bengali bride-to-be who wants to know about the important Bengali marriage rituals? Check out the sacred rituals below shared by leading wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Bengali weddings are the perfect amalgamation of rituals, merriment and colours, making these marriages a complete visual treat. Like every other India marriage, Bengali weddings are distinctly different from other Hindu marriages. Though Phere and Sindoor Daan are common in Hindu weddings, there are many aspects which make Bengali weddings unique.

Here’re the rituals and traditions which make Bengali weddings special.

From the Best wedding photographers in Kolkata: Rituals Which Bengali Weddings A Vibrant Affair

  1. Holud Kota & Snan

The Holud Kota and snan ceremony is similar to North India’s Haldi ceremony. 5 or 7 married ladies apply holud and oil to the bride and bridegroom in their respective houses. The groom and bride are then supposed to bathe and wear new clothes. Make sure you ask a top wedding photographer in Kolkata to click some candid pictures of yours!

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  • Shakha Porano

The Sankha Porano ritual is another important aspect of Bengali weddings. 7 married women make the bride wear Paula and Shakha- conch shell bangles. The bride wears two red bangles (Paula) followed by two white bangles (Shakha). She then starts getting ready for the wedding.

  • Bor Jatri

This is where the actual wedding festivities begin. It is a jovial ceremony where the groom, his family and friends start their journey to the bride’s house. Bor Jatri is similar to Baraat of North India.

  • Bor Boron

This ritual comes after the groom, his family members and friends reach the bride’s house. The bride’s mother and other relatives welcome the groom and his side. They are welcomed by doing aarti with an earthen lamp by sprinkling trefoil along with rice kept in bamboo winnow.

  • Potto Bastra

In this ritual, the groom is seated at the wedding mandap or the chadnatolla. He is given new clothes by an elder member of the bride’s family, who would later do the sampradan. The groom has to wear the gifted clothes known as potto bastra during the wedding rituals.

  • Saat Paak

In Saat Paak, the bride sits on a wooden stool called pidi. The pidi is then lifted by her brothers who take her around the groom and complete seven circles. Following this, the bride will sit in the chadnatolla next to the groom.

  • Subho Drishti

After the saat paak, the bride and her groom look at each other in front of their family members and guests. The bride removes the betal leaves from her face and look at the groom. It is this exchange of glance which marks the beginning of the couple’s togetherness.

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