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Sep 24, 2021 | Candid Wedding Photography, Traditional Wedding Photography, Wedding Cinematographer

Once you start looking for wedding photographers in your city, you will notice that candid style photography has become a trend. Couples widely prefer them as they help in retaining the natural essence and originality of your d-day. The primary difference between traditional and candid photographs is that the subject doesn’t have to pose for the camera if they choose the latter. It means that the bride and the groom can concentrate entirely on the rituals of their d-day.

Two More Benefits Of Choosing Candid Wedding Photography

  • Make The Day More Memorable

Hire a candid wedding photographer, and your wedding album will offer the perfect blend of emotions. Every wedding is a journey of love and a photographer knows how to reflect on that bonding through the photographs. They will captivate your love story through a few candid shots and narrate the tale of your wedding. Your wedding album will have some of the best memories of your d-day.

  • Capture The Essence Of Your D-Day

An easy way to capture the true essence of your d-day is through wedding photography. Most photographers love capturing the optimistic mood of Indian weddings. Hire one, and you can rest assured of captivating every moment and make them eternal. Professionals offering Bengali wedding photography in Kolkata even keep themselves updated with the most preferred styles of candid photography.

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Few Things Wedding Photographers Follow When Clicking Candid Photographs

  • They prefer using a long zoom so that the subject does not know that they are being photographed and will act more relaxed. They know the various ways long zoom or telephoto lens can improve the quality of your candid images.
  • They avoid using flash as they don’t want to signal that they are being photographed. Even a momentary flash of light can kill the magic of a candid moment.


  • Candid wedding photographers in Kolkata carry the camera all the time since a candid photograph is best captured without creating a posed appearance. Even your friends and family will feel more comfortable if the professional take the camera with them everywhere.
  • They love photographing busy people as candid images look more interesting if you can photograph the couple or guests doing things. If the subject is focused, the moment will add more energy to the candid image.

These being said, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced candid photographers at Sudipto Kar Imagery.

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