Factors to avoid while choosing a wedding photographer

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You might have read many articles on how to choose the right photographer to capture the moments of your wedding day. But do you know the things to avoid, in terms of choosing a wedding photographer?

Things to avoid

Well, let’s have a look at the factors that you should be careful about regarding hiring wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Their Charges are Extremely Low

What is included in their package shouldn’t be the only factor to choose a snapper. If a photography company offers an engagement shoot, online gallery, printed photo album, photo frames, printed T-shirts, etc. for free, be careful about their capability. These are secondary to a superior quality wedding shoot. Hire a photographer whose work you love. The work of the professional should match your style and requirements. Ask them to show you some albums from their portfolio so you can develop trust for them. And this trust will let you be at ease while dealing with them. As a result, you can expect better and more candid snaps. Also, if your chosen photographer offers a package that suits you, like a wedding shoot that matches your style, you may go for it. But never make your decision depending on the value and freebies. If you choose one whose rates are very low, that might be a red signal

To Feel Comfortable is Important

While it comes to a wedding, there is a lot to take care of. The list is endless. Oftentimes, couples keep many things at bay and think to ‘do them later. There is no dearth of photographers. But you need to meet up with them. You should view their work to decide how you will get on. Don’t pick someone without meeting personally. Free up time and meet the person. If you love his/her work as well as the individual behind the camera and feel like you are talking to a friend who knows you very well, go ahead.

Just a Few Stunning Photos are not Enough

When it comes to seeing a wedding photographer online, you are likely to see many beautiful photographs to catch your eye. This is good. It is always recommended to choose one whose work you will like. But it is important at the same time that you are not looking for just a few photos that make you go wow. You need a complete wedding story altogether to make you go wow. The wedding photographer in Kolkata should be consistent with the job. Ask the person to show you full albums – whether online or hard copy. This will let you understand if all the photos shot by the pro are stunning and the quality is outstanding throughout. A good wedding photographer is the best person to tell a great wedding story through his/her work.

Photographers recommended by the venue should be checked carefully

As you have booked the date of the wedding, you are likely to choose a venue. The venues often provide a list of supplies – florist, catering service, photographer, and planner. This is good but you shouldn’t blindly follow the list. Keep your eyes open for suitable alternatives. There shouldn’t be any compulsion. Don’t choose one because he/she is recommended by the venue provider.

So, when you are on the verge of choosing a wedding photographer, don’t choose one because the person is recommended by someone. Keep your eyes open. Just a few good photographs shot by the professional are not enough unless he/she shows you a complete impressing album.

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