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Aug 18, 2021 | Traditional Wedding Photography, Wedding Cinematographer, wedding photography

Do you like bright and natural photographs? Dark and moody photos don’t look good in a wedding album. Several wedding photographers in Kolkata focuses on capturing natural and happy moods through their shooting styles. These kinds of photos are currently trending, and they are commonly termed bright and airy wedding photographer in kolkata!

The shooting style is important to bring in cheeriness and joyous mood within the photographs, but editing also plays a vital role. Wedding photographers in India focuses on making less dramatic background edits which makes the photos brighter!

Unlike the traditional wedding photographers Kolkata, these types of shots are captured best by candid photographers.

Characteristics of Bright and Airy Wedding Photos

  • Light and joyful colour combinations are taken into consideration while taking these types of photos.
  • They are majorly shot under natural lights instead of using artificial background lights.
  • Wedding photographers suggest the brides and the grooms wear vibrant colours.
  • These shots are mainly taken outdoors, where the exposure is higher.
  • During editing, importance is given to making the picture bright and skies and landscapes don’t get a dramatic effect.
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Significant Features of the Light and Airy photos

  • Presence of Soft and Pastel colours

If you want light and airy photos, you’ve to be happy with the less vibrant ones. Wedding photographers generally use light pastel shades to bring out the joyous mood within the photographs. Even during the editing, the brighter and lighter aspects of the photos are highlighted, thereby making the same look dull and non-vibrant.

  • Natural Light is the Key Factor

For these kinds of photos, generally, the bright and airy wedding photographers in Kolkata don’t use flashes. Because most of the shoots are done outside in gardens and during daytime with natural sunlight in the background. Flashes don’t work well in these types of photographs.

  • Vertical Orientation Works Well

Wedding photographers prefer shooting airy photos in vertical mode. Although the horizontal mode is also acceptable, the vertical mode sets the right aesthetic for the picture. Vertical mode helps focus on the subject; thus, the rest of the photo can be neglected. Moreover, the expressions of these types of photos are better than the horizontal views.

  • Bright Displays

Consistency in the lightings, bright displays, and storytelling process are some of the basic features of airy and bright wedding photographs. So, the wedding photographers focus on capturing moments related to each other so that when the same are arranged in a sequence, a beautiful story is created. These images are perfect for albums and wall arts, both!

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