How do Wedding Photographers Click Awesome Backlit Portraits with Natural Light?

Apr 23, 2022 | Pre Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer

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The correct application of light is the first thing you must learn as a wedding photographer. Lights play a crucial role in creating a dreamy and romantic set-up for the pictures. Clicking mesmerizing backlit portraits without artificial light sources is a trick only the best wedding photographers in Kolkata can show. We generally chase after the lights to get a good picture. However, many photographers cannot get the right shot even after getting exposure to different light shades. Wedding photographers like Sudipto Kar has carved a niche in the industry by providing high-quality wedding photographs.

For traditional wedding photographers in Kolkata, learning to take backlit portraits is not a mandatory option. However, for the candid clicks, this is a major requirement. Mastering the technique is time-consuming, but the result is truly appreciable.

Here’s how you can create some of the best and perfectly taken backlit portraits.


3 Tips For Creative Backlit Photography

Avoid Sun’s Flares

When you’re shooting for a backlit photograph, make sure that you diffuse the flares of the Sun effectively. Unless you want to experiment with the flares, taking the shot directly with the Sun in the background will damage the quality of the picture. Try to pose the couple near a tall building or keep naturally tall trees in the background to allow the lights to get filtered in the process. The perfect backlit photos can be clicked if the Sun is angled in the right way.

Focus on the Faces

Metering the face correctly while shooting with light in the background is a major consideration. Use spot meter features to blur the background and the effect of light subsides. This will help to correctly expose the faces of the couple with the natural rays, beautifully brightening the picture.

Shoot During Daylight

This is the easiest way to get a backlit portraits. You can get a dreamy look in your picture if you shoot during the early morning rays when the Sun is not high above the sky. An hour after the sunrise and an hour after the sunset are the two best times of the day when you can shoot some of the best portraits. If the time is gone, the picture might not be as good as you imagined it to be. Remember, it’s the backlight you want and not the light on the top of your head.

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