How to Master Bridal Portraits with Limited Time in Hand?

Apr 23, 2020 | Bengali Wedding Photography, Wedding, wedding photography

Indian weddings are known to have some of the longest and busiest timelines in the history of weddings with the never-ending ceremonies and guests thronging the wedding venue. No matter how meticulously the marriage has been planned, a shortage of time can happen at any moment. The bride might not get two long hours after getting ready to be dedicated to bridal portraits before hitting the ceremonies. Wedding photographers in Salt Lake need to give the bride some of the best photos on her special day even if there is a time limit.

A few Vital Tips for Creating the Masterpiece

  • Planning is the key. Being well prepared and having an action plan will help the most. Reach before time and know the location well. Find the best spots for the shoot and keep it near the area where the bride is getting ready. Check all the equipment upon reaching and take some test shots, preferably with a test subject, if available.
  • Understand the lights. Once the location is set, analyse the natural radiance of the area and find the most flattering angles and spots. Set up all the artificial lights beforehand so that the bride doesn’t have to wait while you figure out the right lighting. As soon as the bride comes, taking portraits should be the only goal.
  • Have some poses in mind. As time is already short, get to the basics first. Capture the bridal portraits in some universally flattering poses that will enhance her features, and plan them. As the timeline is limited, only experiment towards the end, if there is some time left after getting satisfactory shots.
  • Communication is the key. Build a rapport with your bride so that she can connect with the camera. Give simple and clear instructions as being clueless or giving incomplete instructions points towards unprofessionalism. Remember to be polite and friendly and not order her around as this will only add to the tension and make her uncomfortable, which will show in the pictures.
  • Make the best use of what is available. As all shots have to be a winner, look around for the best photographic aids. Large trees, blank walls, water bodies, natural or artificial like fountains can yield magnificent portraits without having to deal with the additional stress of maintaining a scenic background. A handy tip for wedding photographers in Kolkata would be to keep some props with you. A fancy mirror, prisms, battery-powered lights, frames, the list can go on. These come in handy when the time is short.

It takes a fair amount of expertise and experience to perform well under pressure. Not everyone can be trusted for such a memorable day of your life. Only a few have the ability, just like Sudipto Kar Imagery, one of the most trusted people when it comes to wedding photography in Salt Lake. The skilled team of experts in the field can guarantee nothing but a beautiful memory of your wedding day like no one else.

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