Is There a Requirement for Pre-Wedding Photos and Videos?

Oct 27, 2021 | Pre Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer

A Pre-wedding photoshoot, also known as an engagement shoot, takes three to six months before the wedding day. A lot of couples prefer to go for this shoot since it brings a source of joy. However, for the others, it brings stress and worry. The real debate is whether couples should arrange a session for Pre-Wedding Photography in Kolkata for their benefit. Know the requirement for pre-wedding photos and videos before marraige.

Weddings are a huge moment, a big event in everyone’s life. Each one of you has special imagination when it comes to clicking wedding photos. You will want to preserve these memories by choosing the right professional photographers. Pre-Wedding shoots have been trending for a long time. It is not rare to see couples reminisce their initial chemistry and relive this spark during the shoot. Hence it makes for building an everlasting memory.

What Makes a Great Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot?

The wedding engagement album relies on two things – whether the images tell a story and how well the emotions show. A good wedding photographer in Kolkata will capture your excitement for the day with aesthetic images. They will come up with unique concepts that will show the couples at their best.

Remember that the wedding is about you and whatever makes you happy. It is inevitable to feel stressed during the pre-wedding photoshoot. However, the end result will make for beautiful memories that you can value for a lifetime.

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Reasons to Opt for Pre-Wedding Photography

Here are some points that will make you say ‘yes’ to a pre-wedding photoshoot.

  1. Build a Rapport with your Photographer

Wedding photography is not only about smiling or posing. Unlike the previous times, modern photographers are coming up with innovative ways to make a wedding album. Before going for a pre-wedding photoshoot, you must know your photographer well in advance. This way, you can relax in front of the camera and be your best self.

The photographer can understand your personality when you pose in front of the camera. They discover the best position and angles to make your photos appear outstanding. Further, the pre-wedding shoot is considered a trial so that you can prepare for your big day. You become comfortable with the photographer and know his shooting style.


  1. The Camera Becomes your Friend

Most couples are shy or awkward when posing in front of the camera.  The pre-wedding shoot is a good trial event for them. It helps overcome the stress that comes with constant smiling for wedding photos.

On the shoot day, try to spend 3-4 hours with your photographer. Establish a friendly relationship with the professional to understand his style. This will help you gain back camera confidence. While they capture intricate details, you can gauge their skill and talent.

  1. Add More Photos to the Album

A pre-wedding photoshoot allows partners to know each other better. Couples choose to do it because they want more pictures of togetherness. You can keep aside the heavy makeup, ornaments and be comfortable in front of the lens. The photographers will capture your inherent natural moments and expressions. When you place the pictures inside the album, it looks vibrant.

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