Want to create a unique story of your wedding day? Hire traditional wedding photographers in Kolkata, and they will capture the best moments of your d-day. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will cherish throughout your life. Instead of choosing any random professional, look for the most proficient and experienced wedding photographers. They will work hard to give you the most precious moments in frames that last forever.

Importance Of Photography At Bengali Weddings

Traditional Wedding Photographer

Take a look at the history of photography in our country, and you will notice that Bengali weddings are entirely different from weddings in other states. The concept of Traditional Wedding Photography in Kolkata was based on different kinds of poses requested by the photographers. It made the pictures more seem more unrealistic and mechanical. The trend over the last two years has changed, and people are more into candid photography. This kind of photography let the photographer capture the real emotions in the events and provide a more fruitful outcome for the clients.

Why Hire Experienced Photographers For Bengali Weddings?

Bengali Weddings

Experienced photographers know how to capture all the emotional, fun and important moments of your d-day through their lenses. They are excellent conversationalists, which allow them to sync with the clients to a level where the latter can leave all their stress and enjoy the event. This in turn provides photographers with a platform to snap beautiful moments of real life and convert them into reel. Sudipto Kar Imagery is the name you can trust for customised Bengali wedding photography services.

Why Include Pre-Wedding In Your Bengali Wedding Photography Package?

Pre Wedding In Your Bengali Wedding Photography

With numerous Bengali wedding photographers scattered all over Kolkata, choosing someone reliable is indeed a daunting task. Look for someone offering pre-wedding photography services as well. It is an opportunity for you to find out their dedication and quality of work. You can also build a rapport with them, which helps bring out beautiful photographs on your d-day. The concept of pre-wedding photography has become quite common nowadays as it allows couples to build up their confidence in their photographers. The shoot is generally completed a couple of months before the wedding. You can pick the most loved postures of your choice.

Importance Of Candid Photography And Cinematic Videos


Two other vital services Bengali Wedding Photographers in Kolkata provide are candid photography and cinematic videos. The proficient photographers capture the most beautiful and amazing moments of a wedding without making the subject aware that they are being clicked. Though traditional photography is also quite popular, posing for a photo makes one aware and quality is diminished. On the other hand, cinematographers know how to capture amazing moments and mix them with appropriate background scores that make the entire thing a larger than life experience for the client. The film is shot in all respects contrastingly where the cinematographer can take likely shoots in short clasps.

Since hiring the best Bengali Wedding Photographers is so essential, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Sudipto Kar Imagery.

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