Lockdown Marriage Ideas – Safety and Fun, Side by Side

Jul 11, 2020 | Wedding Cinematographer, wedding photography

The current lockdown phase has a deep and grave impact on our life. It seems that everything is paused and we are waiting for someone to press the “start” button to get back into our normal life. However, while most of the couples are cancelling or postponing their weddings due to this lockdown, some couples are not ready to let the situation win. They are getting married during this pandemic to create an example for others on how you can have fun while maintaining all the COVID 19 safety measures. There are some lockdown marriage ideas shared by the top wedding photographers.

Fun and Safety – Both Can Be Enjoyed

Even the top wedding photographers are resuming their business slowly after a long pause. They are getting into the show and help the couples to capture their most important day in a stylish way. So, you can hire the best wedding photographer like Sudipto Kar for your lockdown wedding ideas and enjoy his professional services. Before that, you should know how to enjoy both safety and fun during a lockdown marriage.

Avoid Going Outside

Your house can be your wedding venue. Transform the terrace or the backyard of your home into a simple yet stylish wedding venue with the help of your family members. Use flowers, balloons and other decorative items to set that wedding decoration in the best possible way without going out of the house for the wedding.

Shop Online

As a responsible citizen, you should avoid going outside your house during the lockdown period. At the same time, you have to shop for your wedding. So, online shopping is the best idea for this situation. There are several online stores that are delivering their services uninterruptedly during this period. From wedding dresses to jewellery and from shoes to decoration items – you can buy everything online. Order prior since lockdown may delay the delivery.

Do Your Own Makeup

There are lots of makeup tutorials online, through which you can learn how to do self makeup on the wedding day. Try them and do your own bridal makeup. This will save you from getting any close contact to the makeup artists. You do not need to go the parlour for the same. In this way, you can maintain social distancing and look beautiful as well.

The Fewer, the Safer

There was a time when people said “the more, the merrier”; unfortunately, now it should be “the fewer, the safer”. That means avoid inviting a lot of people at your wedding. You can arrange a grand reception or have a fabulous wedding anniversary next year when you can invite all your friends and relatives. Now, you should avoid the crowd and keep the numbers of people attending your wedding as minimal as possible.

So there are ways to have a small but beautiful wedding ceremony during the lockdown, only if you follow the safety guidelines.

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