Make Your Wedding More Memorable By Live Streaming It

Sep 16, 2021 | Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding, wedding photography

Though the pandemic is forcing people to get married in an intimate ceremony, couples want to cherish the day throughout their lives. An easy way you can capture all the memorable moments is by hiring a wedding photographer. Most of them have years of industry presence and keep themselves updated with the latest photography trends. Now a days Live streaming wedding has become quite popular.

Why do Couples want Live Streaming Weddings?

You will find some friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to the venue at every wedding. Destination weddings have become popular, and your guests might not be able to reach the far-off location due to various inconveniences. You can ensure that they won’t miss any moment of your d-day by live-streaming the occasion.

The outbreak of the pandemic has also put many restrictions on travel and social gatherings. An endless number of guests can enjoy your wedding if you broadcast it. To keep themselves protected from coronavirus, people prefer everything virtual. Most wedding photographers in India let their clients live to stream their wedding at a very low price so all your friends and family can treasure the valuable moments.



Few Things A Wedding Photographer Needs For Live Streaming

  • A smartphone, android or iPhone which is user-friendly and has a camera.
  • A tripod will help in keeping the phone stable as most people have shaky hands. Using a tripod during live streaming will save the images or videos from becoming blurred.
  • To prevent your live wedding stream from catching up on unnecessary noises or conversations, it is advisable to use an external microphone. Choose a high-quality microphone with a windscreen.
  • Look for a wedding venue with a steady internet connection or Wi-Fi so you can live-stream your wedding without any interruption.

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Few Steps Photographers Follow When Live Streaming Wedding

  • They choose a popular platform to live stream your wedding like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Youtube or Facebook.
  • They will employ an experienced photographer to live-stream your wedding. He should be tech-savvy and ensure that the streaming is done smoothly. If an error occurs, he should rectify it immediately. He should take care of all the demands and queries of their guests.
  • They might ask you to create an online group where you can invite your guests to watch the live stream without any restriction.
  • Create a schedule on the sequence of events and inform your guests about it. Guests following the schedule won’t miss witnessing any of the events.
  • Place the tripod and the camera at a suitable spot close to your wedding. Zooming in from a distance can deteriorate the quality of the video.

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These being said, it’s time to hire a wedding photographer offering Traditional Wedding Photography in Kolkata and live stream your wedding.

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