Different Types of Marriage photography in India


We will now see how many types of Marriage photography in India. There are different types of Indian weddings in our country and they are very colourful and interesting. The influence of Indian culture in our country has a profound effect on these Indian marriages. Each culture is different from one another. Let’s see how many types of Indian marriages there are.



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Indian Hindu Weddings- Marriage photography in India

Indian Hindu weddings are very colourful and have a very emotional feeling. Indian categories are divided into different sections such as music donating mehndi rings. Each ceremony is held on a different day. The wedding is performed in a beautiful pavilion.

Christian Wedding Marriage photography in India

The Christian wedding begins when the bride begins to walk towards the altar with her father. Then their priest recited the mantra and the marriage was consummated through him. Bright wears a very beautiful white gown, with a white veil over her head.

The groom is wearing a black suit. Christian weddings have more ceremonies that are usually called pre-wedding ceremonies such as bachelor party wedding showers and so on. And post-wedding ceremonies include traditional toast and dance.

The Marriage photography in India photographer


The couple who prays to God to be together for the rest of their lives, know that these beautiful moments happen once in a lifetime. And the pictures that capture these moments give them joy by repeatedly reminding them of those moments.

 It is a fact of Indian separation that Marriage photography in India is rich in colour and attract them across the culture to witness this grand event for which Indian wedding photographers have to be hired to capture every moment with their cameras.

 These remain as evidence of the newlyweds’ love and all the rituals associated with this marriage carry the tradition of Indian culture. Indian wedding photographers have to be highly skilled and most importantly sensitive. Indian photographers who are very skilled can easily capture these moments on their camera.


Different couples with new and other trends in Marriage photography in India style prefer specialized photographers of different genres. Such as Candid Wedding Photography, Traditional Photography, Portrait Photography, Photojournalism, etc.


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