Tips to Look Your Best Even in Those Candid Shots

Aug 26, 2021 | Wedding, wedding photography

We all know that candid shots are those when you are totally unaware of them. You do not know that someone is taking your picture or you are on your photographer’s lens. It has to be something spontaneous, natural and candid, of course!

Then how can you even try to look your best in those candid shots? How can you become prepared for the snap when you are not aware of it?

Well, nowadays, this is one of the most requested styles of photography that often wedding photographers in Siliguri are asked for. According to the experts like Sudipto Kar, there are ways that you can keep yourself ready even for a candid photograph at your wedding.

How to Get Best Candid Shots?

  • Smile and Don’t Look at the Camera

Since it is your wedding day, you should keep a sweet and soft smile on your face all the time. However, on some occasions, it can be a big one as well. Whatever it is, you should always keep a cute smile on your face and try not to look at the camera until you are asked to do so by your wedding photographer. The photographer will capture some unique and interesting candid shots of yours while you smile at your friends or greet the other guests.

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  • Do Not Become Camera Conscious

People who are extremely camera conscious might not be a good subject for candid photography because they always feel attentive and conscious about what pictures the photographer is taking. Forget about the camera and the photographer. Just be yourself! Enjoy every moment of your wedding. Smile, have fun and feel excited. You will surely get some excellent candid shots in your wedding album.

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  • Have Fun

Famous candid wedding photographers Kolkata always suggest that great candid shots start with having fun during the entire event. Whether you are attending to your guests or performing the wedding rituals – you should enjoy it thoroughly. Candid photography is all about capturing a unique moment to transform it into a lifetime memory. Staying in the moment is highly essential to look good in every snap.

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  • Feel Comfortable with Your Photographer

It is also required to feel connected and comfortable with your photographer to get some nice candid shots. The photographer should understand your personality, and you should let him explore more about your persona. This bond will help to get some outstanding pictures of yours on your big day. The professional photographers always try to be familiar and connected with the client’s family to capture the best moods of the bride and groom as well as their close family members.

Sudipto Kar is a renowned candid wedding photographer in Kolkata. He is also available for wedding photography in and around north Bengal. He is providing all his services maintaining the COVID protocols. Please get in touch for more information related to his wedding photography and candid wedding photography services.

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