Traditional Wedding Photography Vs Candid Photography: What You Should Choose?

Jun 12, 2021 | Candid Wedding Photography, Traditional Wedding Photography, wedding photography

If you are on social media, you are well aware of what is traditional wedding photography vs candid photography is. It is a new trend of taking pictures of people which is quite popular and intriguing as well. It becomes so popular that even people looking for candid wedding photographers in Kolkata get some unique and refreshing snaps on their special day.

What is Candid Photography?


It is a way of taking pictures that your subject will not be aware of your action. It would be a completely natural, spontaneous and unplanned capture of a moment. In most cases, the snap itself creates the moment after you take it.

In recent years, this particular style of photography becomes very popular in wedding events and reception ceremonies. People are looking for candid wedding photographers Kolkata during their wedding to get something new and interesting in their wedding albums apart from those well-known “wedding poses”.

What is Traditional Photography?


In every culture, race and community, there are certain rituals and events performed at the wedding. A traditional wedding photographer Kolkata generally knows all of them. He takes traditional pictures of all those events. He asks the subject of his photographs to stand still or be fixed in a certain pose to take that “perfect shot”.

These are the photographs that you often see in the wedding albums of your relatives. These photos look beautiful, but somehow they look very cliché and monotonous because you have seen the same pose and same kind of presentation in every wedding album.

Traditional Wedding Photography Vs Candid Photography


The aim of a traditional wedding photographer is coverage. They wish to cover as much event as they can to take as many photographs as possible. For a candid photographer, the focus is the mood or the emotion of a moment. Whether it is the mother of the bride helping her to wear a necklace or the brother of the groom having a fun-filled moment with the friends of the bride – it’s all about capturing those unique moods that are impeccable and can never be recreated.

A traditional wedding photographer focuses on taking pictures of every single event happening in a wedding. From the rituals to the people eating foods – he captures all of them. A candid wedding photographer waits for something sweet and special to happen in front of him. It can be a very common and average moment otherwise, but for a candid photographer, it can be the best subject of his next snap.

When you hire an experienced wedding photographer like Sudipto Kar, you can get both these services. You can enjoy candid photos at wedding ceremonies. The team uses advanced tools and have the right skill to produce the best results to the clients.

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