Want Stunning Wedding Photographs? Know The Best Colours For Brides

May 15, 2020 | Wedding, Wedding Cinematographer, wedding photography

Choosing the best colours for bride’s outfit is both exciting and challenging. With so many colours to choose from, brides often get confused. Gone are the days when red dominated wedding fashion. If your focus is on selecting a colour which will help you get some stunning wedding photographs, talk with your wedding photographer in Cooch Behar. You will be surprised to know that a majority of them have a keen eye for colours and know what works the best in a wedding venue. They will answer all your queries regarding the colour of the attire you should choose for stunning wedding photographs.

Confused About The Colour Of Your Bridal Attire? 3 Common Queries Have Been Answered Below


  • “Is It True That Few Colours Can Enhance The Beauty Of Your Wedding Photographs?”

If you want to add a vibrant touch to your wedding photographs, choose warm and bright colours instead of pastel colours. For example, if you think that you will look great in a cream coloured lehenga, choose a saturated and rich version of the colour instead of its pastel version. Vibrant colours like pink, purple, red, orange and blue will make your wedding photographs more colourful.


  • “What Should A Bride Consider When Choosing A Colour?”

Every professional offering wedding photography in Cooch Behar feels that bright and loud colours look wonderful in small flashes and accents. Brides should try to choose an outfit where one colour dominates instead of choosing one with numerous bright colours. It is not just about the colour of your wedding attire, you should also choose the colours for decor and theme wisely. Make sure you don’t choose the same colour for the decor and your bridal outfit. Choose pastel shades for the background with bright colour detailing.


  • “Should I Consider The Time Of The Wedding When Choosing Colours?”

Wedding Photographers in Cooch Behar feel that the quality of a photograph is largely dependent on the time of the day you are planning to get married. The colour you should choose for a morning wedding is entirely different from the colours which look great at night. It is also the responsibility of the photographer to choose the right kind of lighting effect which can enhance the beauty of your wedding photograph after considering the time of the day your wedding has been scheduled.


Since all your queries about the colour of your wedding attire have been answered, it’s time you start looking for experienced photographers in your city.

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