Wedding Photography Ideas: 5 Must-Have Photos For Every Indian Groom

Dec 11, 2019 | Wedding Cinematographer, wedding photography, Wedding Story

With the wedding season in full swing, are you too getting hitched anytime soon? Congratulations! You’re all set to enter a golden phase of your life. The wedding day is equally special for the men and grooms should pose as excitedly as their brides. And, opting for professional wedding photography is the ideal way to make your wedding album stand out with some unique groom photography ideas.

As a groom-to-be, you must ensure that you look none the less than your bride. Even though posing for the camera is considered more of a bride’s thing, it’s time grooms do not shy away from posing. And, the best part is that your bride’s happiness will double up once she gets the glimpse of your super cool shots. But, are you perplexed about how to sport some modish and edgy shots for the camera?

Here’re a few trendy and stylish wedding shots no groom can afford to miss.

Wedding Photography: Cool Photographs Every Groom Must Include In His Wedding Album

  1. Candid Pre-Wedding Shots

Do you fear the shutterbugs or are photos not just your cup of tea? The best wedding photographer in Kolkata believes that candid moments before the wedding deserve all the attention. Forget all your hesitation and let your photographer capture the love and chemistry you share as a couple. Remember; pre-wedding shoots are a must for every modern couple.

Groom Photography Ideas
  • Wedding Outfit & Accessories

No matter whether you intend to wear a western suit or traditional attire, get it clicked before donning it. Get perfect shots of your wedding ensemble, accessories and shoes too. Having your outfit and accessories clicked before wearing them is essential since you might simply pack off the ensemble after wedding. So, you should definitely get some noteworthy shots of your attire.

  • The Groom In Making

Another quintessential shot you ought not to miss is getting ready for the big day. When you get ready donning your outfit and accessories, ensure you get your transformation journey captured. Enable your photographer to captivate your journey of transforming to a stunning groom. You will have mixed emotions as you get ready for your wedding and a skilled photographer can capture it perfectly.

  • The Epic Entry

Whether you are making a simple entry or having a grand entry as a groom, this is another must-have photo. Reputable wedding photographers believed that this moment should definitely deserve to be in your wedding album. The ecstasy and joy of entering the venue will be visible on your face and getting snapped is thus important.

  • The First Glance At Your Bride

As you enter the venue, the only aspect going on your mind will be where your queen is. Your face will surely glow with happiness when you see your bride in her bridal ensemble. As she walks down the aisle, your heart will skip a moment. This changing emotion of impatience when you wait and happiness of getting a glimpse of her is another must-capture.

So what are you still here for? Approach a reputed wedding photographer and get started!

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