Why Destination Wedding Photography is Different from All Other Types

Apr 14, 2020 | Destination Wedding Photographer, wedding photography

The phrase “destination wedding” itself has a magical impact on every Indian bride and groom. Maybe it is the Bollywood effect or the effect of the fairy tales that we all read in our childhood; the idea of getting married in a beautiful exotic location is something we all wish to experience. When you are in West Bengal and thinking about a destination wedding, consider the North Bengal region for this. Look for the top wedding photographers in North Bengal to capture the best moments of that grand day of your life. Destination wedding is different from the traditional wedding; so is destination wedding photography as well. Let’s see why destination wedding photography is different from all other types of photography.

Location Becomes a Prop

When you choose an exotic location amidst the forests of doors or in the mountains of Darjeeling, the place itself will become a prop from all your snaps. A brilliant wedding photographer has the right skill to understand where and how to use those beautiful landscapes to get a perfect wedding shot. You do not need lavish decoration when you have a jaw-dropping backdrop for your shots.


Skill to Use the Natural Lights

For destination weddings in North Bengal, you need the best Wedding Photographers in Siliguri and the adjoining areas. They should have in-depth knowledge about using natural lights while taking a snap. The perfect use the natural light and shadow can create the best ambience for your most memorable wedding shots. Whether it is the sun rays coming out of the cloud or the foggy pine forest – these photographers know how to use that natural source of light to get that desired silhouette effect of the couples.

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Get Candid Shots

When you have the best wedding photographer with you, candid shots will be there for sure. These shots do not follow the “old school grammar” of wedding photography. They are spontaneous and extraordinary. They reveal the mood of the day best. These shots will become the most favourite ones in your wedding albums. The best wedding photographers in Jalpaiguri know well how to utilize those mesmerizing backdrops of North Bengal and get the best candid snaps. The top candid wedding photographers will give you a new twist in your regular wedding snaps which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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Feel the Vibe

Every place has a vibe. When you get close to nature, you can feel that vibe more prominently. The positive and refreshing vibes of North Bengal will make your wedding even more enjoyable than the traditional ones. The green tea gardens, the picturesque valleys and the beautiful rivers – all can be the witness of your pre-wedding photoshoots when you choose this exotic location for your destination wedding.

A destination wedding is one of the most desired types of wedding for modern couples. However, the true essence of that kind of wedding can be felt when you hire the best wedding photographer for that big day of your life. Look for the one who has vast experience and skill with in-depth knowledge about the right photography tools. 

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