Why is Location Important for Getting Stunning Wedding Photos?

Feb 11, 2022 | Bengali Wedding Photography, wedding photography

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Location scouting is important when it comes to clicking the wedding photos. It implies the choice of venue and the environment that will dictate the quality and appearance of your photos. Most couples overlook this aspect and entrust the photographers with the decision. This is why hiring the best professionals for Bengali wedding photography in Kolkata is important. Only this way you can assure that despite spending huge amounts of money, you do not end up with disappointing results.  

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Choosing the Best Location for Wedding Photography  

1. One that reflects your personality  

 You should go for a location that best reflects your personality. The location you choose should make you feel comfortable. It should match your charisma, personality and character. It should highlight your good persona, which will radiate through the images. If you prefer the city scene, you can go for a wedding hall. Those who like the countryside can go for a destination wedding at a ‘rajbari’. Some people also prefer low-key weddings at their home garden or terrace with the family. Hence, you should choose the location that perfectly fits your dream wedding idea.  

2. One that offers context 

Most photographers advise couples to select a location that offers contextual variety. The most preferred solution in this regard is a luxury hotel. They are well equipped with the latest amenities and features so you can get your best wedding photo. Some old-fashioned hotel stays have traditional custom furniture, adding a rustic theme to the wedding photos. Other five-star hotels have modern amenities that seems perfect for a contemporary wedding.  

3. One that matches your photography style  

Lastly, you should choose a wedding location/venue that will match the style of photography. Couples prefer going for different styles like candid photography, traditional or black and white photography, videography, cinematography, portrait photography and more. You should choose the location that best suits your photography style. This way, your photos will look natural and beautiful.  

How to Find the Best Wedding Venue? 

  • Narrow down the options and go through the details of the place 
  • Decide the dress for the wedding day and ensure it matches the theme 
  • Check the lightings at the place and click demo pictures
  • Check the intensity of natural lighting for outdoor shoots 
  • Select ideal couple poses for the best wedding photos 

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