Why Should you Opt for Drone Wedding Photography Shots?

Jul 8, 2021 | Pre Wedding Photographer, Wedding Cinematographer, wedding photography, Wedding Videographer

Drone photography is a revolutionary change that has occurred in the field of photography. Many wedding photographers in Kolkata are trying their hands in drone photography. This might be more expensive than traditional wedding photography, considering the additional charges you need to bear for a drone camera. Drone cinematic views are taking wedding photography to new levels.

Taking a birds-eye capture of the beautiful moments of the wedding couple can create a stunning memory for them. Especially for weddings taking place in open areas or farmhouses, this is a very feasible option. You can also try drone wedding videographers with your pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata. Pre-weddings generally take place in parks or other open spaces; hence drone captures are easier.

Here are some reasons why you should use drone photography.

Stunning Effects to Every Photo by Drone Photogrtaphy

With drones, you can get full exposure to the couple and the natural surroundings when you capture the shots. Moreover, unlike the straight captures, you can get rid of the extra distractions in the photo with a drone. Indian weddings are generally overcrowded, with guests willing to take up many pictures with their phones. In between such hustles, it gets difficult to capture the right kind of picture. Hence, with the use of a drone, you can easily get some stunning moments that you might’ve never thought of!

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Cinematic Effects in Videos

Do you imagine yourself being shot like a movie star? If yes, then a drone video is the right answer for the same. It is a common capture in all Bollywood movies. You don’t need to pose or give a false smile here. Rather a simple walk or a whirling of the wedding dress video can be taken with an elegant and cinematic touch if the same is shot with a drone.

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Taking Pictures from a Different Angle

Drone photography has brought innovation in the use of angles in every picture. Whether it’s the pre-wedding shoot or the actual wedding, experimenting with angles can certainly bring a change in the types of pictures your photographer is clicking.

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Showcase the Whole Wedding Venue

Drone videos are nowadays a brilliant platform for showcasing the whole decorated wedding venue. Hence, hiring a drone photographer is certainly a brilliant option if you have planned a grand garden or farmhouse wedding. They will capture the complete grandeur and take some breath-taking pictures from above.

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