Why Wedding Photographers Love If It Rains On Your D-Day

Jun 25, 2021 | Bengali Wedding Photography, wedding photography

 If your d-day has been scheduled within the next few months, one reason to be happy is that there is a high chance of it raining. Rain will give you good company on one of the most memorable days in your life. Though it is true that you can’t plan an outdoor event if it rains, the mere drizzle is ideal to click some beautiful wedding photographs. Experienced wedding photographers in Beleghata never consider rain a tragic thing one has to encounter on their d-day. Just make sure that the photographer you are hiring has years of experience in the photography industry

4 Reasons Why A Bit Of Rain On Your D-Day Is Always Good

  • Get Unique Wedding Photos

Wedding photos clicked in the rain offer the perfect blend of uniqueness and beauty. Wedding photographers choose soft light as it goes well with the mist and gives your wedding photos a romantic touch. Recreating such high-quality photographs might become a challenge even during a sunny day wedding. You can also use some great colorful props like a multi-color umbrella or colored rain boots. Some wedding photographers prefer shooting on a rainy or cloudy day instead of a sunny day.

Get Unique Wedding Photos

  • Perfect Opportunity To Cuddle

If you want a few photographs in your wedding album with you cuddling your spouse, let the rain become the perfect excuse to cuddle. Rain is no doubt romantic and the drizzle will encourage you to come closer to your spouse. You can create some memories by sharing the same umbrella during the photo session. When you hear the pattering of the rain on the windows and umbrellas, the sound will make you more romantic and all the pictures with you cuddling your spouse will look natural.

  • The Flowers Will Stay Fresh

Photographers have been using wedding flowers as props for wedding photography in Salt Lake for decades. If you want the flowers to last longer, a bit of drizzle will be very helpful. Extreme heat might make them wilted, thus rendering them unsuitable to be used as a prop. However, they are less likely to wilt in rainy condition as flowers stay happy in cooler temperature, humidity and overcast skies. Fresh flowers will also enhance the appeal of your wedding venue.

flowers will stay fresh

  • Create A Rainy Love Story

If you want your wedding photographs to depict the epic story of how you battled the rain on your d-day, this is the right season to get married. An experienced wedding photographer in Beleghata can even make a rainy day disaster look funny.

Since there are so many reasons why wedding photographers love it if it rains on your d-day, it is time you get in touch with the photography experts at Sudipto Kar Imagery.


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